Apple wants Samsung name obscured on video players in courtroom

Unsurprisingly, Apple is really sweating the details when it comes to its upcoming court date with Samsung.

FOSS Patents has noted that a court filing revealed Apple doesn't want to see any Samsung logos or brand identification in the courtroom.

"Apple intends to bring a motion for '[o]bscuring the 'Samsung' logo on the court's video display for jurors.' Apparently the United States District Court for the Northern District of California uses Samsung equipment for this purpose."

Apple doesn't want that jury to think about Samsung's technology contributions, so the request is a bit picky -- but it makes sense. Apple also doesn't want to see any references to Steve Jobs's comments to biographer Walter Isaacson about waging "thermonuclear war" against Samsung.

Of course I'm sure Apple's attorneys won't be bothered if any of the attorneys are taking notes on their MacBooks or iPads.