Tizen gets play time on Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE, shows off new features

Slowly but surely, Tizen's picking up momentum. In just the last two weeks we've witnessed version 1.0 of the OS get released, a prototype device made by Samsung, an official pledge of support by Sprint and even a full-out developer's conference. One thing we haven't yet seen, however, is the Linux-based firmware running on an existing Android phone. At the aforementioned convention's keynote, Jong-Deok Cohoi -- EVP of the Tizen Technical Steering Group -- showed off a few more features, such as photo gallery, videos and live calls... on what appears to be a Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE. This is great news, since it looks like Tizen supports at least some of Sammy's handsets -- in dev guise, at the very least. For now, curious open-source fans should head below to see the full video.