The next Tribes: Ascend update helps you level up guns even faster

Tribes: Ascend's June update adds more than a couple new Capture-and-Hold maps, a whole variety of weapon variants, and "significant balance adjustments." Beyond all that free stuff, Hi-Rez is doling out a speed boost to the game's weapon upgrade system, and has thusly dubbed its latest update "Accelerate."

Rather than solely upgrading weapons via XP earned in-game, each weapon will accordingly level up through use. The system seems like an interesting workaround to adding tons of weapons and players feeling unable to master any particular one. Hi-Rez demonstrates the system in the video above.

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Tribes: Ascend Accelerates Weapon Upgrades, Introduces New Weapons and Maps

Plus Announcement Trailer for Tribes PK

ATLANTA - June 11, 2012 - Hi-Rez Studios, independent developer of AAA free-to-play online games, announced a significant update coming to Tribes: Ascend this week. The June update, titled Accelerate, will dramatically speed up the process by which players unlock weapon upgrades and earn new items. In a video to the community Hi-Rez Studios describes the new weapon upgrade system, and reveals that the update will also include twenty-seven new weapon variants, 2 new Capture and Hold maps, and significant balance adjustments.

Hi-Rez Studios released a second companion video celebrating over 1 million Tribes: Ascend players and announcing "Tribes PK."

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