CIO Journal walks back claim of Retina MacBook Pro's demand on bandwidth

In March, the Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal claimed that the iPad 3 would burden corporate networks because of its high-definition display. This week, the same writer doubled down on the claim for the new MacBook Pro, arguing that "better quality displays require more network bandwidth." He warned CIOs that the new Retina MacBook Pro would "wreak havoc on CIOs' networks and connectivity budgets."

After receiving more than 800 comments with almost all of them saying, "you're daft," the author has retracted his claim and modified his post to say that "owners of devices with high-resolution screens will likely consume more video and HD video, which would result in higher bandwidth consumption."

Though the author toned down his article, the assumption that Retina MacBook Pro owners are going to consume more HD video at work is still a bit of stretch, especially when many corporate networks block access to video streaming sites.