Apple patent application could make you Master and Commander of the iHome

Apple wants to be master of the house -- yours, in particular. At least that's the vision put forth by this latest patent application, filed back in March of this year, that would give iOS-wielding homeowners control of virtually all Cupertino-sanctioned gadgetry within the confines of domesticity. It's really as basic as that, given that the doc clearly outlines a method for discovering, selecting and operating a multitude of tech from a handheld device (insert your iGadget of choice here) over WiFi. Could this connected (and likely, Siri-voiced) home network in the making streamline remote manipulation of everyday household items, like setting refrigerators to make ice from the comfort of your couch, DVRs to record while you work in the garage or thermostats to lower as you laze about under the bedsheets? As always, only time and the combined ingenuity of designers and engineers hiding out in R&D bunkers somewhere beneath One Infinite Loop will tell.