Insert Coin: XensrCase turns your iPhone into a state of the art 3D sports tracker

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Insert Coin XensrCase turns your iPhone into a state of the art 3D sports tracker

A lot of us use our phones to track our runs, bike rides and other outdoor activities. You've probably also noticed that GPS is not exactly the most accurate way of measuring your exercise (especially if you live in a city with a lot of tall, tightly-packed buildings). And, if you're less concerned with distance and time than you are with say... elevation, then your iPhone simply can't help you. A company called EpicSesh is hoping to turn your humble iOS device into a serious 3D sport tracker by packing a bunch of sensors in a sleeve called the XensrCase. Inside the rugged case is a highly accurate gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer and separate GPS module that samples motion data 400 times a second to create smooth records of your jumps, flips and tricks, as well as your distance and speed. There's also a companion app that pulls in the most relevant data and formats it appropriately for your sport of choice -- be it snowboarding or windsurfing.

To get the product off the ground EpicSesh is looking for $100,000 in funding. To claim a XensrCase for yourself you'll need to pledge $150, though, that deal is only good for the first 100 devices. After they're gone you'll need to pony up $170 for one in blue. For now the case is available for the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 as well as the iPod touch. But we're hopeful an Android version of the same TruMotion tech is in the works. Head on after the break to see it in action and hit up the source link to pledge your support.

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