Tip: Use Google Maps as a transit routing provider for Apple Maps

Now that Google Maps is back on the iPhone, users have plenty of map choices to use. While I prefer Google Maps by a long shot, there are (amazingly) some who like Apple Maps better. Their primary reason: Apple Maps's systemwide integration into iOS.

However, a legitimate gripe about Apple Maps is that it doesn't offer transit directions in the same seamless way Google Maps does. Thankfully, Apple built in support for third-party transit direction app shortcuts in Maps. Now with Google Maps back on the iPhone, users can have the best of both worlds: Apple Maps for iOS integration and Google Maps for transit directions.

Here's a helpful reminder on how to do just that (courtesy of Jeff Gamet at The Mac Observer -- be sure to check out his post for screenshot step-by-steps):

  1. Install Google Maps on your iPhone.

  2. Launch Apple Maps and tap the Route button (the arrow bent 90 degrees to the right) in the upper left corner.

  3. Tap the Transit button (the one that looks like a bus).

  4. Enter your start and end locations.

  5. Tap the blue Route button.

  6. Apple Maps will display a list of routing apps you can choose from. Find Google Maps and tap the Route button next to it (so many "route" buttons!). You'll be taken to Google Maps where you can get your transit directions.

Of course you can still take advantage of other third-party transit routing tools, but if you're happy with Google's transit tech then you can have it back.