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Engadget HD Podcast 282: CES 2012 - 01.13.2012

Trent Wolbe

As CES comes to a close, we've got the second and final Engadget HD Podcast of the show ready for your listening (and viewing) pleasure. The guys of Ceton Corp were good enough to stop by, and they brought their slick six tuner Windows Media Center Embedded DVR and extender boxes with them. After that, we moved on to the rest of the things we've seen here in Las Vegas, including the latest from TiVo, the new LG and Vizio Google TV hardware, Ultraviolet, gesture control and even the fight that broke out on the CES show floor (in the ring, it was a promo for ESPN 3D).

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw), Richard Lawler (@rjcc)
Guests: Jeremy Hammer (CTO, Ceton @JeremyHammer), James Montemagno (@JamesMontemagno), Michael Welter (@Mikinho)
Producer: Trent Wolbe

00:00:50 - Ceton previews multi-room DVR and Echo extender (hands-on)
00:27:10 - Boxee Box Live TV dongle hands-on (video)
00:28:50 - Updated TiVo Netflix, YouTube interfaces and iPad streaming hands-on
00:33:00 - Samsung's Smart TV and Blu-ray players will be first to get FiOS TV App
00:33:30 - Samsung shows off integrated TV streaming apps and DirecTV RVU... again
00:34:00 - Verizon FiOS TV app to deliver VOD and live HD to LG TVs
00:36:20 - Panasonic HDTVs show off Time Warner Cable IPTV app with live streaming channels, DVR access
00:39:10 - The Engadget Interview: Google TV Product Manager Rishi Chandra at CES 2012 (video)
00:39:36 - LG Google TV and Magic Remote Qwerty hands-on
00:40:50 - Vizio ultrawidescreen, Google TV and Cinema 3D HDTV hands-on
00:44:00 - Samsung Smart Interaction gesture controlled HDTV demo (video)
00:46:25 - Amazon, Rovi, Flixster and Samsung highlight UltraViolet's CES press event
00:46:50 - Samsung outs compact BD-ES6000 Blu-ray player, less compact ES6500, get down with UltraViolet
00:47:30 - Panasonic unveils Infinite Black Ultra Panel plasmas for 2012 (eyes-on)
00:50:50 - LCD vs Plasma
00:51:30 - Sharp 8K Super Hi-Vision LCD, 4K TV and Freestyle wireless LCD HDTV hands-on
00:53:50 - Behind the scenes with live ESPN 3D boxing at CES 2012

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