Nexus 4 wireless charger now on sale for $60 at Google Play Store (update)

When the Nexus 4 was first announced, we had a glimpse of a wireless charging dock that was meant to go with it. Well, good news for folks in the United States, as the induction dock has just popped up on the Play Store, and Nexus 4 owners can order one now for just $59.99. It puts out 1 amp of juice at 5 volts and joins a host of other Qi-enabled wireless chargers -- cord cutters rejoice!

[Thanks, Luis]

Update: As tipster Gen points out, the Nexus 4 in the image above shows a battery status screen that we haven't seen before. Google hasn't made mention of any software changes just yet though.

Update 2: The good folks at Pocket-Lint have discovered that the battery status screen is actually a third party widget app that can be had at the Play Store for $1.99