Chromebook Pixel to have integrated Quickoffice, able to open docs natively

While the Chromebook Pixel has that pretty display for looking at pictures and browsing the web, many users would probably still want to use the laptop for, like, actual work. Thankfully the Chrome team has thought of that and have developed an integrated version of Quickoffice so that you can finally open and edit office documents natively within the Chrome browser. The final app will take two to three months to ship, but that office functionality will be built-in with the Pixel (update: we've clarified this statement below). Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome, said at the Chromebook Pixel event in San Francisco that this "completes the story for a lot of users" who want something a little more beyond just Google Docs. We've also learned that while the Quickoffice integration will be available initially for the Pixel, it'll eventually roll out to other Chromebooks as well via a software update.

Update: To clarify, we've learned that all Pixels will ship with Quickoffice already installed. You'll be able to open and view documents on it as soon as you get it. However, the ability to actually edit those docs won't be available until two to three months down the line as they're still working on perfecting the app (the demo they had at the event failed a couple of times).