Weezic for iPad, an augmented sheet music app for classical musicians

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Weezic for iPad, an augmented sheet music app for classical musicians

Weezic, an iPad app for classical musicians, is a relatively new sheet music app. In essence, Weezic displays sheet music, but with some interesting pedagogic features to help you learn and grow in your music reading and playing.

As is customary with most apps that display sheet music, Weezic utilizes MIDI to illustrate the different instruments in the music with a complete virtual orchestra. A cursor moves through the score as it plays, too, making it easy to follow the music. Instruments can be soloed or muted and volume levels are adjustable. Tempo and pitch are customizable, too. Even the pages will turn automatically for you!

One of Weezic's best features is its Evaluation Mode. When playing through a score, Weezic will "listen" to what you're playing using the iPad's built-in mic. In real time, Weezic will analyze your performance and indicate which notes you got wrong or were out of time -- helping you focus on areas to practice -- giving you a final score at the end of the piece. It's actually quite fun.

Weezic comes with 14 free demonstration pieces, but their full catalog will be updated to the app in the coming weeks.

Weezic is available now for free on the iOS App Store.

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