The Daily Grind: Which game are you most concerned about right now?

I know, Illuminati don't really do concern.

Players of The Secret World, Age of Conan, and Anarchy Online have had good reason to be a bit nervous over Funcom's recent woes. Those watching the future of WildStar can certainly tremble at the thought that the game might never see the release it deserves. Even World of Warcraft players might occasionally twitch at the thought that the game will drop in numbers as it ages, and suddenly the content for the game will start to dry up.

As players, all we can really do is keep playing and paying for the games we enjoy. But sometimes it feels like the game is in trouble and that's just not enough after all. So out of all games, both available and not, which one are you the most concerned about right now? Which title makes you worry that it might be facing its twilight even if the development team insists otherwise?

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