Incredipede 1.5 swings onto Steam on March 18 with a sweet sale

Incredipede hits Steam for PC and Mac on Monday with a sale that knocks $5 off the final price, bringing that bad mama down to $10.

Steam's Incredipede is what developer Colin Northway calls version 1.5, since it adds a plethora of new features: 60 new levels in "normal" difficulty, two new muscles controlled with the right hand (think QWOP with creatures), and real-world achievements that ask players to go outside and play with bugs. Yes, outside.

Incredipede launched via Northway's site on October 25, and while many players enjoyed its wood-cut art style, the gameplay offered a special kind of challenge; the 60 new levels are designed to make the game more accessible. Incredipede has traveled a long, convoluted path to Steam, after Northway initially found fault in Greenlight. Incredipede was later nominated for an IGF award for Excellence in Visual Art, throwing the game on the fast track to Steam distribution. Delve into the details of Incredipede's journey in our recent interview.