New XBLA bundles collect action and NinjaBee games, Kinect bundle spotted

Three new game bundles have been released on Xbox Live Arcade, giving hefty discounts to select grab-bags of games. The Action Packed bundle hacks together Bloodforge, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, Dungeon Fighter Live, Islands of Wakfu and Unbound Saga. Next up is the NinjaBee Bundle, which includes Band of Bugs, A World of Keflings, Cloning Clyde, Outpost Kaloki X and Ancients of Ooga.

With the exception of Cloning Clyde, all of these games normally cost $10 ($15 in the case of Bloodforge), so the savings are certainly substantial. Take note, however, that these bundles won't give you an extra copy of a game you already own.

TrueAchievements also spotted a Kinect Bundle listed on, which features Dragon's Lair, Wreckateer, Diabolical Pitch, Home Run Stars and Haunt. Strangely, it has no price and there doesn't appear to be any way to purchase it via or the Xbox 360 itself. There was an ad for the bundle in the Xbox 360 games section, though it appears to have been pulled. We've contacted Microsoft to see when or if the bundle will be available.