First-time smartphone buyers in UK seeking iPhone 4 drive sales

A new sales report from Kantar Wordpanel ComTech for the period of May to June 2013 showed Apple enjoyed a sales surge thanks to an old friend; the iPhone 4. The company jumped 5.2 percentage points to 30.5 percent of the British smartphone market. And those sales were thanks to the iPhone 4.

Kantar analyst Dominic Sunnebo pinpoints the affordability of the iPhone 4 as its major selling point for first time smartphone users.

Although the flagship iPhone 5 was widely credited with boosting Apple's global results last week, much of the market share growth for iOS in Britain is thanks to the competitively priced iPhone 4 attracting first time smartphone buyers. More than a third of iPhone 4's sold were to consumers who have never owned a smartphone before, compared with just one in 10 new customers buying the iPhone 5.

Even with the latest increase Android still has a considerable lead over iOS in Britain, with 56.2 percent of the market. The iPhone 4 continues to be a major player in Apple's global sales growth, despite its lower average sale price.