Harrods Olympus PEN Art Edition includes a custom Vespa scooter, because why not

Special editions with ridiculously expensive extras must be all the rage among well-to-do gadget fans -- that's the only real explanation we can imagine for Harrods' new Olympus PEN Art Edition. The kit includes two PEN E-P5s (one hand-painted), but it also bundles prime lenses, accessories, a training session... and a customized Vespa scooter. You'll have both the gear you need for amateur photography and the transportation to your photo shoots. Mind you, we'd expect nothing less when the Art Edition costs £16,000 ($24,814) -- more than some cars. If you're eager to acquire both a new camera and a new ride in one fell swoop, though, the limited-run PEN bundle is available from Harrods today. Check out a photo of the Vespa after the break.

Harrods Olympus PEN Art Edition throws in a custom Vespa, because why not