Masquerade of Liars now live in Neverwinter

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Masquerade of Liars now live in Neverwinter
Halloween festivities continue to invade our MMOs, with Neverwinter's Masquerade of Liars festival currently online and set to run until November 4th. The event brings costumes, masks, decorations, and all the other stuff you'd expect to see in an MMO holiday, including special boss encounters with transformed NPCs.

Collect Liar's Charms from daily quests and trade them to wandering illusionists for masquerade tokens, which you can then trade for special holiday loot. You'll also find Liar's Charms scattered about the world; they'll drop from skill nodes and slain monsters during the event. There's a fair amount of lore to be discovered by talking to the masquerade loremaster each day of the festival, yet another way to gather a few charms.

Speak with the masquerade master in the center of Protector's Enclave for a full introduction to the event.
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