Sony patents Move-like touchscreen joystick

A new Sony patent was published earlier this week detailing a controller that looks like a cross between your TV's remote and Sony's underloved Move controller.

Dubbed "Flat Joystick Controller" for the purposes of the patent filing, the device is described as having a Move-like ball attached to its end, a small complement of buttons on its handle and a touchscreen that "provides an area for receiving directionality control in response to interfacing by a finger of a user." Translation: The touchscreen doubles as a joystick for games that require directional input.

With the Move already in existence, why create another, very similar device? Sony's summary explains: "Broadly speaking, the present invention allows for three-dimensional with a multi-positional controller. The multi-positional controller enables control for a variety of applications and simulations while providing an intuitive interface to interact in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional renderings of the computer programs being executed through a game client."

This being a patent, there's no telling when or if this Flat Joystick Controller will ever be released to retail, or for that matter, what name Sony will choose to replace "Flat Joystick Controller." Whatever happens, it's clear that motion control is key in the minds of Sony's engineers. Expect many more years of flailing your arms at and near expensive electronics.