Battlefield 4 won't get AMD-powered frame rate boost until later in January

The company known affectionately as Advanced Micro Delays has just confirmed something we already knew: the intriguing Mantle update for Battlefield 4, which promises a "significant" frame rate bonus for PC gamers running AMD hardware, has been postponed. It didn't arrive in December like it was supposed to, but is now officially meant to be on track for release sometime in January. The gossip is that the source of the delay isn't actually on AMD's side, but rather on EA DICE's, since the game developer has been swamped with bug-fixing chores and hasn't had time to focus on luxuries. Meanwhile, other developers tell us that they're getting on well with Mantle, thanks to its ability to circumvent DirectX and make better use of AMD's Graphics Core Next and octa-core CPU designs -- and that's something that we expect to be able to prove, one way or another, in the next few days.