TiVo prototype DVR recordings stay in the cloud, watch them anywhere on any screen

All of our favorite TV shows, accessible anywhere, anytime? That's what we can expect if the prototype DVR TiVo is showing off at CES ever actually launches. Intended as a service that your local cable operator could offer, the TiVo Network DVR project brings the Roamio experience we already enjoyed on its latest DVRs to the cloud, letting them push recordings out over the internet. Dubbed NDVR for short, the preview images show how viewers could get their TiVo on an iPad or via Roku, manage program recordings, see what's on and, if necessary, buy more storage space in the cloud.

That last bit is key, because this isn't just for consumers -- TiVo needs to convince cable operators (the smaller ones; we figure Comcast and the rest will probably stick with their custom solutions) they can make more money and have a simpler setup with its product. One other cable company-friendly feature is the ability to target advertising within the recordings, as we've seen TV companies start doing with video on-demand. We'll stop by TiVo's booth once the show floor opens in a few hours to get some hands-on time with its prototype and see what else is new, and hopefully see what the next generation of TV is like.