Random Acts of Uberness: The power of glasnost

After a veritable hurricane of goodwill during the holidays, it's seemingly back to business as usual on the highways and byways of Azeroth -- except for these players who took something personally in all the right ways.

Caught being uber: Glasnost and Purix, Zul'jin (US-Horde) So I've been trying to tame Degu for weeks on end. I'm just not coordinated enough to do it on my own. So tonight, after my fourth or fifth death, an 88 mage, Purix on Zul'Jin, asked if I wanted some help taming him. We both died a bunch more times trying. So I started advertising for a tank. Oddly enough, I had a DK volunteer, Glasnost on Zul'Jin.

The three of us tried countless times, and the three of us died countless times. Finally, after the DK made the comment, "Alright, now this is personal," we tried a few more times with the three of us and died. Then the DK had the idea to have the mage not do anything, just to let him tank Degu alone. He took the beating until Degu was down under 20% and let himself die. I threw down the ice trap, Deterrence, and hit tame. I got him! I tried to pay both the folks who helped me and they wouldn't let me. I gave the mage all the cloth I had in my bags and the DK says, "Nah, just name him after me." So I did. -- Zentagia, Zul'jin (US-Horde)

Caught being uber: Mójò, Kil'jaeden (US-Horde) So I was leveling my monk (it took me a while to get around to it) by healing dungeons, probably nothing special. After a pretty meh ZF run (I'm not sure if there's such a thing as a good ZF run, but that's beside the point). That group broke up, so I queued for another group, got Stratholme (with the awesome tank in question). Pretty standard run, except we'd had to deal with a warrior (not sure if he's a noob or ninja) needing everything he could (including an int necklace I needed).

That got me and Mojo talking (initially about how to kick him, then just about whatever, obviously not stopping us from nearly chain pulling the entire dungeon - about the only thing that stopped that was me being reasonably new to monk healing, and me fistweaving all my mana away pretty quickly).

Anyway as I was saying, pretty standard run, until we got to the end, killed Rivendare, someone looted him, and bam... Deathcharger's Reins. After a short, awkward silence (I presume everyone was getting new underwear, I almost needed it) we quickly agreed to all need and just like that, Mojo won the roll. I presume everyone but him was a bit bummed, but that's the way luck goes, so naturally, many grats flow in his direction. If that were the end of the story, it wouldn't be uber, so I'll continue.

Since me (and a mage) were having such fun, we queued again as a group and did the first BRD - again nothing special, Mojo and I are still chatting a bit, while I remember how much I hate a lot of the 40-60 5 mans. Finishing that, we queue again, get Stratholme again.

This goes reasonably normally (DC rogue we had to kick this time) until just before the end, he pretty much out of the blue asks if I want the mount. Well, yeah, I did - I certainly wasn't going to lie to him about that. But I also said that I could totally understand if he wanted to keep it, and to make sure he wanted to give it to me. He did (telling me about another mount he just got, which I'm sure doesn't make giving away this mount any easier) and so we stopped for a second, and he traded it to me.

He's awesome. I made sure to thank him profusely (and tell him he's awesome).

So we're now just before Rivendare again, a few jokes go through the group about the odds of the Reins dropping again (spoiler alert: they didn't). Everyone has to go their sepearate ways. I made sure to thank him again before he left. We added each other to our friends lists. If he ever wants to farm somewhere for a mount, I'll probably be the first one offering to help. -- Slashee (Pawed), Barthilas (US-Horde)

Image: Wowhead

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