Nether adds crafting, creature mode, and tribes


The mean streets of Nether are easing up a bit on players, as Phosphor Games has patched in a slew of helpful systems for its February update.

The trio of new features includes crafting, a creature mode, and tribes. Crafting encourages players to scavenge from their adventures and fashion gear and weapons to use and trade. If being a bad guy is your thing, then the new creature mode allows users to step into the twisted role of a nether to stalk victims. And tribes, Nether's version of guilds, are now in the game with bases, a skill tree, and special objectives to be patched in later in the month. Players who join a tribe from now through February 15th will earn special bonuses including currency and a free uniform.

We've got a video showing some of the February update features after the jump, so get a move on, little doggy!

[Source: Phosphor Games press release]