Here's a look at March's Xbox One update

Microsoft has released a preview video detailing the new features and enhancements coming in next month's Xbox One firmware update, including improved party chat functionality and friends list features.

Starting next month, Xbox One player parties will have party chat enabled by default -- a change spurred by frequent user requests. The Xbox One's improved interface will clearly differentiate between in-game competing players and cross-game chat within parties, and party invitations will specify player requests for chat, gameplay, or both.

Players will also be able to check up on what their friends are doing more quickly starting in next month's update, as friend status can now be accessed with three button presses or a single voice command. The update additionally introduces a message shortcut menu, and friends may now be identified as "favorites," giving them priority and list placement over followers and acquaintances.

If you're looking to maintain a tidy friends list, you might want to start mentally ranking your friends by how much you like them. Friendship quotient, incidentally, is determined by frequency of real-world interaction divided by cheap Titanfall kills. Judge your friends harshly.

[Image: Microsoft]