A look at MMOs from the marketing perspective

Blowing holes in your competitor's headquaters isn't really ideal markety, but it does garner attention.

Gamers don't tend to think about MMOs from a marketing perspective; that's not what we're most interested in. So it's informative to take a look at a recent piece from [a]list daily about the state of MMORPGs in terms of profits, business models, and future developments. The piece looks at the history of the genre as well as World of Warcraft's apex, considering the likely future path as well as the emerging markets not yet tapped.

Unlike many such analyses, this piece sees a bright potential future for The Elder Scrolls Online, explaining that even a small percentage of Skyrim customers buying the game will make back the game's production budget. It also examines the emerging tablet and mobile market, arguing that this is the most obvious sector for substantial growth over the next few years. For a more detailed look, take a read through the full article.