iOS 7.1's new shift key icons are rad

"What's the matter with the shift key icon, honey?
It's still Rock & Roll to me"
-- Surprisingly not actual lyrics by Billy Joel

Today, as 7.1 rolled in, major complainage could be heard echoing through the TUAW back channels. "OMG," the afflicted cried, "The world is at an end -- Apple has redesigned the shift key icons!" Our very own Dave Caolo even wrote about the change, saying that "It's a good change overall but will take some getting used to."

For comparison's sake, here are the old versions. It's not exactly Malum in se as if Apple committed murder or wore white after Labor Day. And, if you're paying attention, the back delete button also got a little refresh.

Me? I rather like 'em. The new shift and shift-lock icons are identifiable at a glance as being engaged and ready. They differ in color, with the lock adding an extra line underneath. And they've finally moved past those Unicode-y feeling outlines. These updates are fine.