TUAW TV Live: Form factors and other delights

All the talk these days about forthcoming Apple devices seems to focus on one thing -- form factors, AKA "how big the screen is". With the iPhone, there's a lot of talk about a larger display, and despite the fact that the iPad already comes in two main sizes (mini and Air), people are making comments about an even larger form factor.

So, Doc and I will take this as our starting point for our usual rambling discussion today, then moving off to the rest of our fun things including our software and hardware picks of the week, our tips of the week for either iOS or OS X, and of course the weekly trivia contest!

Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd and I will be getting the show started at around 5 PM EDT today. Note that things are a wee bit different from in the past -- you'll still need to visit us over on the dedicated stream and chat page at -- but the stream will be coming to you via YouTube. There are some nice things there, like a screen that will tell you how long until we're going live, or if we're a bit late you'll see a "starting soon" screen.

This week's show will be embedded in the space below as soon as possible. You can also watch past episodes of TUAW TV Live on YouTube.