Google kicks off Chromecast offers program with £5 of free Play credit

With Google's Chromecast streaming dongle now fully settled in the UK, the great provider (of search results) has kicked off a promotional program rewarding new and old customers alike. You'll find the offer highlighted in the Play store, where (browser) window shoppers are being tempted with "£4.99 credit towards a movie rental." The truth is, however, that you can spend your free fiver on anything available on Play, like music, books or Android apps. Furthermore, anyone with a Chromecast purchased in the UK is eligible, regardless of when you bought it. The only catch really is you must redeem the credit online by mid-July and spend it before the same time next year. It would appear this is just the first freebie in an ongoing offers program, so don't be surprised to see others in the future that sweeten the deal for newcomers, as well as thank old hands for their patronage.