Introducing the Analogue Nt, a $500 1080p NES

You say you want to play some classic retro games, but you want to do so in the most modern, fiscally irresponsible way possible? Analogue Interactive has just the thing.

According to its lengthy, almost fetishistic feature list, the Analogue Nt is crafted from a single block of "6061 aluminum," which contains the same hardware used in the construction of the original NES. As a result, the Analogue Nt supports all NES peripherals (such as the Zapper light gun) as well as cartridges for both the NES and its Japanese analogue, the Famicom. Furthering its modernist design principles, the Analogue Nt offers video output in every common standard, up to HDMI at 1080p resolution. Granted, many NES games were specifically designed to be played on a classic CRT television at a resolution lower than you'd find on a cheap mobile phone, but stretched pixels are easy to ignore when you're incredibly wealthy.

Unfortunately, you'd have to be incredibly well-funded to grab an Analogue Nt as an impulse purchase. Pay a visit to the website's storefront and you'll find a $500 price tag attached to the Analogue Nt. Oh, but that's just the base model. An HDMI adaptor (no, you won't find one included in the packaging) will set you back $50, and if you'd like your machine in a color other than "nude aluminum," you should expect to shell out another $50. Controllers are likewise expensive, with "new" NES controllers fetching $50, while refurbished models are priced at a mere $30.

Analogue Interactive hopes to ship the Analogue Nt at some point during this Summer. If you just can't wait for your NES fix, know that the original hardware is widely available at a fraction of the Analogue Nt's price tag.

[Image: Analogue Interactive]