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FiftyThree's Pencil stylus set to level up with pressure sensitivity on iOS 8

Even though FiftyThree's Pencil stylus can't completely replace a proper digital pen and tablet, it's at least getting better over time. For instance, the arrival of iOS 8 will finally give it pressure sensitivity -- bad news is, you'd have to wait for the mobile OS before you can take advantage of the new feature. Once you get the update for Apple's latest platform, you'd have greater control over your lines: you can draw thin, mechanical pencil-like sketches by using only the very tip of the device, or shade objects using its thicker side. Depending on how much you've been using Pencil, these lines might not be as precise as anything you draw using a Wacom tablet. But you might be able to get pretty close, so long as you maneuver the stylus with expertise. It's a shame you'd have to wait till fall to try it out, but note that a new iOS 8 beta's rumored to come out soon. We don't know whether this beta update will enable Pencil's new capability, but keep an eye out if you absolutely can't wait.