Disney Research uses trippy camerawork to tell a tale of immortality

Disney Research has done an awful lot of neat stuff in the past, but it hasn't really approached Walt's bread and butter before: video. Instead of going with animation, though, the team is using some pretty slick camera tricks to tell a live-action story about unconditional love and a mother attaining immortality through her son. Yeah, we thought the premise was kinda weird too. Dubbed Lucid Dreams of Gabriel, it features techniques like novel computational shutters, high dynamic range tone-mapping and a scene with a few different frame-rates happening all within the same shot. By applying these effects in post, the filmmakers, with help from ETH Zurich, were able to achieve results that otherwise couldn't be produced with conventional camera equipment. Fitting, considering the title references conscious dreams, eh? The full version of the short is due sometime in August, but you can watch the teaser for yourself just after the break.