Head on up to 'South Park' with Oculus Rift and have yourself a time

If it's been your childhood dream to explore South Park in 3D, consider it realized thanks to a new Oculus Rift experience from Tool. Over the course of a "few short weeks in June," the production company, inspired by The Stick of Truth RPG, faithfully recreated the fictional Colorado town allowing anyone with an Oculus headset to explore its scrapbook streets, interact with characters and find hidden easter eggs. For example: if you navigate through the town's church doors, you'll almost certainly "fall" into Hell. You can beat a hasty retreat, however, if you bump into Saddam Hussein, who'll whisk you back to the snowy streets of South Park (just don't ask us who killed Kenny). While the experience is best suited for Oculus Rift owners, the cartoon landscape is also available inside your browser. You can find that and the Oculus source files using the links below.