Shazam restores Spotify sharing and tests Beats Music for good measure

After unexpectedly dropping the ability to listen to tagged tracks on Spotify in the UK and other countries, Shazam has re-added the service to its free app in most locales. The original issue came about thanks to a deal with Deezer, which replaced Spotify in in Germany, Mexico, the UK and Brazil (the premium paid app always worked). On top of adding Spotify back to the latest iOS and Android apps, Shazam is also reportedly testing Beats Music integration on iOS, giving users the ability to stream entire tagged tracks. The iOS Shazam app already works with iTunes for previews, and Shazam will soon power Siri tune recognition in iOS 8 -- so Beats could be a tit-for-tat. As for Spotify, we're still not sure why it's back, but we wouldn't be surprised if metrics dropped or money was involved at some point. Meanwhile, we've reached out for more information.