US House of Representatives faces Wikipedia ban thanks to trollish edits

We already know that the United States Congress (or the countless people it employs) can't seem to stop editing Wikipedia articles, but do they need to be such jerks about it? Case in point: Wiki tinkerers using an IP address connected to the US House of Representatives have been blocked from making edits to articles for the third time this summer. The first two bans were relatively short, but this time the block will stick for a month because a congressional staffer (or staffers) associated with the IP address made a handful of offensive edits that denigrated transgender people. And the straw that seemed to break the admin's back? A particularly distasteful change to the page devoted to Orange Is The New Black.

You see, someone tied to that House IP address edited a description of series regular Laverne Cox from "a real transgender woman" to "a real man pretending to be a woman". You can check out the full (and we mean full) debate on the offending IP address' talk page, but the month-long block may wind up punishing more than just the offender. It seems that multiple users are being affected by the newly instated block, a point at least one Wikipedia editor just doesn't buy. The thing to remember here is that well-meaning House members and staff can still edit their hearts out as long as they've registered an account to do so. What's coming under fire are the awful trollish tendencies that emerge when a person is digitally disassociated with their identity -- too bad Wikipedia admins can't edit human behavior too.