'Duke Nukem' and 'Wolfenstein' gaming house 3D Realms is back

The early '90s were a simpler time: Mullets were acceptable, everyone was wearing Zubaz pants and rocking your dad's flannel didn't make you a hipster. In an effort to bring us back to the era when grunge ruled the earth, the folks at formerly-defunct 3D Realms has bundled 32 of its classic games into one package and is selling 'em DRM-free over at its website. What's in the collection of almost everything the company produced? A killaton of games (and a remastered soundtrack, apparently), that's what; including, but not limited to: Duke Nukem 3D, Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy, Wolfenstein 3D and Wacky Wheels. The anthology will set you back $40, but if you act within the next two days you can get it for half of that. There's a video after the break if you need a refresher course on who the company is, too. 3D Realms also promises that in the coming months it'll have much more to talk about including its in-development games. Come get some, indeed.