Amazon's £79 Fire TV set-top box now available in the UK

Amazon announced the impending arrival of its Fire TV set-top box in the UK last month, and right on cue, it's now available for £79 through the company's online store. It's Amazon's attempt to steal market share from the likes of Apple, Google and Roku, though the only thing that really differentiates it from competitor products is its second job as an Android mini-console. And for that, you need one or more of the Fire game controllers, which go for £35 a pop. Fire TV also enables you to push content from smartphones and tablets to the big screen, and its remote has a built-in microphone for shouting search criteria into. Otherwise, the set-top box is merely a window to various content streaming apps, with Amazon's services obviously taking pride of place, potentially making it the best option for loyal patrons of the Prime ecosystem.