SnapDonate makes giving to charity as simple as taking a photo on your phone

Everyone likes the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with donating some of your hard-earned to charity, but sometimes you simply don't have any change to pop in the bucket. Many of us also have chugger-dodging down to an art form, but now there's a simple, quick way to give to charity that doesn't involve a ten-minute lecture. A new app called SnapDonate, available on Android and coming soon to iOS, turns your smartphone's camera into a "magic lens" capable of identifying the logos of 13,000 UK charities. After you've "snapped" a logo, the app then allows you give up to £50 to the charity in question, or save the donation to a to-do list for revisiting when you've got some spare dough. The payment can be taken from any PayPal account or bank card, with that part handled by trusted online donations platform JustGiving -- a name you'll recognise all too well if you work in an office full of marathon-loving masochists.