OnePlus reveals how many phones it's sold

Ever since OnePlus first unveiled the One, Android fans have been clamoring for the limited invites needed to buy their own. It's been an infuriating wait for many, but it seems the company is slowly starting to meet demand. Co-founder Carl Pei told Forbes that OnePlus has now sold 500,000 smartphones and is aiming for one million by 2015. So why hasn't OnePlus just opened the floodgates already? Well, the company argues that to sell the device at such a low price-point, it can't risk having excess inventory lying around. The company is slowly opening its doors though, after holding a (albeit botched) pre-order window that meant anyone could at least get in line. The firm says it racked up "tens of thousands" of sales and is offering fans a second chance to pre-order on November 17th, assuming they haven't given up already and OnePlus has fixed its problems from last time.