Parrot's Android-powered car system also does Apple CarPlay

Parrot's car infotainment systems may not be as well-known as its drones and audio products, but here's one that's worth paying attention to. The yet-to-be-named "RNB6" is a two-DIN unit that comes with a gorgeous 7-inch 720p "IPS Pro" touchscreen, along with a 4 x 55-watt audio amplifier and a wired wide-angle 1080p dash cam (with "Super HDR"). The device runs on a slightly customized version of Android 5.0 that offers media playback, navigation, telephony, dash cam, air control, parking assistance and onboard diagnostics (for tire pressure, parking sensors, air conditioning and more); as well as voice control for some of these features. Depending on the type of phone you plug in, the RNB6 can also toggle Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to let you control your phone via its own touchscreen.

One other impressive feature here is that, like Parrot's audio products, the RNB6 lets you adjust the sound stage inside the car, so that when the driver is by himself or herself, the music can be set to sound as if you're sitting in the middle instead of off-center. Parrot even offers some presets for certain car models for you to download, and similarly, you can share your presets to help other RNB6 users. As you'd expect, you can also play with the equalizer plus various other audio parameters.

Sadly, Parrot isn't yet ready to share prices and dates, so we'll let y'all know when we hear more later this year.