New version of Divergence Online is live

Divergence Online devs Stainglass Llama published a playable alpha earlier this week. Lead developer Ethan Casner says that anyone can download the game and have a look-see, but most of the gameplay functionality is reserved for those who helped crowdfund the sci-fi sandbox.

Casner details how he and two programmers worked to release the first new version of Divergence in over a year, and he says that the long hours have ultimately been worth it.

"This is not an MMO that exists in a series of dozens if not hundreds of servers," he explains. "The game world you're going to be entering is the only one in existence. If you know anyone else on planet Earth who plays this game, they're in the same server. It's because of this feature that anything we do in this game is exponentially more difficult to accomplish than it would be in (what passes for) an MMO of today."

[Thanks Jon!]