Turkey will ban Twitter unless it blocks a newspaper's account

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Jon Fingas
January 18th, 2015
Turkey will ban Twitter unless it blocks a newspaper's account

The Turkish government's love/hate relationship with Twitter is once again turning sour. A court in the country's Adana province is threatening to ban Twitter unless it blocks the account of a newspaper (BirGun) posting leaked documents that expose the truth behind a raid on an Intelligence agency convoy. Twitter and other social networks have agreed to delete individual posts, but that's not considered good enough. BirGun is defying the censorship, and the court believes that the media outlet is interfering with both the investigation and national security as a whole.

Twitter hasn't said precisely how it'll respond, although the company tells the New York Times that it'll "work diligently" to keep its service available to Turkish residents while protecting their rights. Of course, that's easier said than done. Turkey's officials have been looking for reasons to drop the hammer on Twitter, and it's hard to see that paper's account remaining accessible without some severe consequences.

[Image credit: Ozan Kose/AFP/Getty Images]

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