Acer wants to sell you a touchscreen fitness tracker for less than $90

This is Acer's latest play for your wrist, the Liquid Leap+. It takes the form of a fairly basic fitness tracker that also pulls notifications from your smartphone. Aesthetically, it's a continuation of what Acer offered with the original Liquid Leap, meaning it's very similar to Garmin's, Microsoft's and Samsung's fitness trackers.

The Liquid Leap+ communicates over low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, is IPX7-certified water-resistant and comes in a variety of colors. It promises to track your activity and sleep, and will also convert that data to approximate your daily calorie burn. It's got a 1-inch OLED touchscreen (there are no physical buttons here) that lets you define what activity you're currently partaking in or swipe through notifications, and other tricks include music control and compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows Phone (including Acer's new Liquid M220).

The Liquid Leap+ will go on sale later this month in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at €79 ($88). Is Acer doing anything dramatically different with its wearable? Not really, but that's a very competitive price when compared to the Fitbit Flex and other similar trackers, which may persuade those that want a capable fitness tracker without shelling out hundreds of dollars to come around to Acer's way of thinking. We'll get some face time with the Liquid Leap+ at Mobile World Congress this week, so stay tuned for some firsthand impressions.

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