Dropbox and Microsoft just made it easier to edit files in the cloud

Look, it's no secret that Microsoft and Dropbox have been getting cozy with each other. Why, just last November the two companies cooked up a way to launch the correct Office apps to edit documents lounging in your Dropbox locker. Now, thanks to a new update from that unlikely duo, you don't even need to have Office installed to edit your Word, Powerpoint and Excel files -- hitting that Open button while you're previewing a document within a web browser gives you the ability to tweak everything from inside Microsoft's Office Online. Naturally, the integration runs both ways too, so Office Online users can pull up files straight from their Dropbox accounts without so much as firing up a new tab.

If you've been paying attention, today's move won't come as much of a surprise -- the eventual intersection of Dropbox's cloud storage and Microsoft's strictly web-based Office suite was in the cards from the very beginning. With this update now in place, Dropbox has wrapped up all of the Microsoft-y initiatives it laid out last year (remember the Dropbox Windows Phone app?), and now we're just left wondering if there's any more mileage to squeeze out of a major partnership like this. Neither company has ever admitted how many people have taken advantage of these deep Office hooks, and it doesn't seem likely that Microsoft will extend too many more niceties to users of a rival storage service, but hey -- maybe the taste of a more unified experience tempted a few Dropbox customers to jump ship.