Microsoft tests cloud-based clipboard app that syncs across platforms

This turned out to be quite the week for unannounced Microsoft apps. News of a "light-weight" email solution broke cover a few days ago, and today another pair of productivity apps were tipped. Thanks to @h0x0d on Twitter -- the source of the Flow email news -- we now know Microsoft is testing a cloud-based (thanks to OneDrive) clipboard tool that syncs across devices and platforms. The app is called OneClip, and though it's reportedly in internal beta. While it's available for download in the Windows Store, it'll only work for employees with the proper accounts. This means that you can copy a phone number on the desktop and have it immediately available on your Windows, iOS or Android phone.

Another productivity app for contacts, Revolve, was tipped by @hoxod as well. This offering keeps tabs on your contacts and calendar to serve up info on the people you're going to meet. You know, things like if they prefer bourbon or scotch. As we've already mentioned, OneClip and Revolve surface on the heels of Flow and apps for document collaboration (Flip) and task management (Highlander) -- all within the span of a week. There's no word on when the suite will arrive, but one thing's for sure: Microsoft wants to help you be more productive on several fronts.