Beats Music iOS update provides a transition to Apple Music

Now that Apple Music has arrived, Beats Music is on its way out. To help with the transition from the old to the new, the Beats Music iOS app was updated to lend a hand. Subscribers can take playlists and any saved music over to the new service without having to reconfigure everything after the switch. As you might expect, making the change can't be reversed as Beats Music credentials turn into new Apple Music accounts. If you've been paying for Dr. Dre's streaming service, you'll be privy to the same three-month free trial as the masses, and you'll receive iTunes credit for any remaining balance you may have already paid. Once the three months are up, the regular $10/month or $15/month plans will kick back in. Of course, some of the features from Beats were held over for Apple's new release, so you should feel somewhat at home. If you've yet to make the jump, the update that'll help make the swap smooth is available in iTunes now.