Recommended Reading: The influence of the 'Super Mario Bros.' soundtrack

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Games-Nintendo-Shigeru Miyamoto

Andrew Schartmann's new book, Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack, discusses how Nintendo's first dedicated sound designer completely changed music in games. Kondo's iconic music for that title not only provided some of the most memorable tunes of the era, but also influenced gaming and music for many years after. The New Yorker offers a brief glimpse at the book, explaining how Kondo's work changed video game development, too. "As a result of the collaboration behind Super Mario, during which graphics and audio were developed in tandem, games became more of an all-sensory experience," notes Hua Hsu.

How Airbnb is Taking Over Paris
Jason French, Sam Schechner and Matthias Verbergt
Wall Street Journal

Officials in Pairs may have their hands full with UberPOP, but another startup is taking over the city, too. This graphic-driven piece shows how Airbnb is giving visitors more options, but raising concerns among the locals.

So, You're Thinking About Flying Your Drone Through Fireworks
Molly McHugh, Wired

You didn't think we'd let the Fourth of July pass without mention, did you? Fireworks are the tradition here in the States after a buffet of burgers and hot dogs. Thinking about using a drone to get a better view? You better use caution.

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