Lizard Squad takes revenge on UK police with DDoS attack

Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for a temporary takedown of the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) website, almost certainly in response to a series of arrests targeting customers of the hacker collective's DDoS-for-hire service. Last week, the agency announced that UK police had apprehended six British teenagers for using Lizard Stresser, a tool developed by Lizard Squad which allows anyone to cripple websites with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. All of the suspects were released on bail and the NCA said it would be visiting 50 addresses to issue warnings to registered users.

Clearly, what remains of Lizard Squad wasn't happy with the news. Once the NCA's site went down, the group quickly took responsibility on Twitter -- shortly afterward, the agency confirmed it was dealing with a DDoS attack. At the time of writing the site is up and running, although it's unclear if that's because of the NCA's efforts or Lizard Squad's leniency. Regardless, it sends out a strong message -- the hacker group is still operational, and until its members are rounded up there's always a chance it'll strike again.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]