Comcast's $15 Stream TV service launches in the Boston area

On the heels of Time Warner Cable's streaming test for its internet customers, Comcast's Stream TV is live in the Boston area. That's if you're paying for Xfinity internet service, of course. Announced back in July, the service gives cord cutters who still use Comcast for web access the ability to stream all of the live television from major networks, HBO and a library of on-demand options for $15 a month. Sorry sports fans, it doesn't include ESPN, and you can only watch live broadcasts from the comforts of home. However, the on-demand movies and TV shows can be streamed while you're on the go.

More specifically, Stream is available to customers in the Greater Boston area, so folks in eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine are privy to the goods as well. What's more, Comcast says it plans to make the service available to call customers in early next year. The company is offering the first month for free and there's no contract required, so folks in and around Boston can start using the app immediately. While it does have its caveats, Stream TV offers a cheaper alternative to Sling TV (that won't be confusing) for folks with Xfinity internet who aren't interested in a wide variety of programming.