Nintendo is renovating its one-of-a-kind New York store

The shrine to all things Mario is also getting a new name.

Nintendo's headquarters may be in Kyoto, Japan, but the spiritual center, where most big US console launches happen, is the Nintendo World store at Rockefeller Plaza, New York. The only official Nintendo store in the world is about to undergo a major renovation and when it's over, it'll also have a new name -- Nintendo NY. The new look will include an updated interior design, new Wii U and 3DS demo units, a 15-foot gaming screen and a large bronze coin at the entrance with the tagline "Where everyone comes to play" (below).

The store will be selling souvenirs like limited-edition Mario and Link t-shirts. There will also be costumed Nintendo characters, giveaways and other perks. We find it odd that it's removing the "world" part of the name from the store, however -- could that mean it's planning on opening more locations? Only Nintendo knows, but meanwhile, if you've been meaning to get to the store, there won't be a better time than the weekend of February 19-21.