Google's self-driving car facility has amazing street names

Head down Toretto Way to get to the Shake n' Bake Truck Stop.

At Google's self-driving car testing grounds, the streets have some pretty awesome names. Thanks to a map in a behind-the-scenes look from Steven Levy, we know Mountain View is having a blast while developing the cars of the future. The facility is known as Castle -- it's on the former Castle Air Force Base, after all -- and the roads bear the monikers of several famous cars and drivers. From Toretto Way to McQueen Lane and McFly Way, it's clear the company has an affinity for automotive film and television.

Google didn't stop with famous characters either, as the likes of Eleanor Avenue, Ecto Drive and Delorean Avenue are named for famous vehicles. If you'll recall, Eleanor is tops on the list of cars Nick Cage's character Memphis Raines has to steal in Gone in 60 Seconds and the Ecto-1 is the iconic Ghostbusters ride. After a full day's work for testing, just hop on the General Lee Expressway to make your way home. Bo & Luke would be so proud.

[Lead image credit: Noah Berger/AFP/Getty Images]