Microsoft to recall Surface Pro power cords over fire risks

If you own a Surface Pro 3 or earlier, you'll want to turn in its power cable.

If you own a Surface Pro, you might want to be careful using it for the next little while. Microsoft tells Channelnomics that it's planning a voluntary recall for the power cords on every Surface Pro tablet released before the Pro 4 and sold before a certain period (March 2015 in the US, July 15th in Europe). The tech giant warns that the AC power cable could trigger a fire if it's wound too tightly or otherwise damaged. Only a "very small" number of people have reported problems, Microsoft says, but the company isn't taking any chances.

You'll have the chance to order a free replacement cable starting on January 22nd. Microsoft hasn't said when you can expect to get it in the mail, but it's safe to say that you'll only want to use your existing cable only as much as necessary until the newer, safer model arrives.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren]